Terms and Conditions

1. Definition of terms

  1. “FLO” refers to Fitlads’ operating company “FL Online Limited”, whose registered office is 98/1 Great Junction Street, Edinburgh, EH6 5LD and which is registered in Scotland number company number SC495777.
  2. “You” refers to you and your Fitlads account.
  3. “Fitlads” refers to the Fitlads website, found at the domain fitlads.net, and including other products and services offered under the Fitlads brand, excluding Fitlads TV and Fitlads DVD products, which are operated under license by another supplier.

2. Your account

  1. You must be at least eighteen years old.
  2. You may not use Fitlads for commercial purposes without our permission.
  3. You must not use Fitlads to harass or annoy, or other purposes which we believe to be malicious.
  4. You must not attempt to compromise the security or integrity of the website, or seek to circumvent payment systems, in order to enjoy premium features to which you are not otherwise entitled.
  5. Fitlads promotes an enjoyable online community, and we may take sanctions against members who we perceive as disrupting that community. We reserve the right to suspend or permanently ban members who we (in our sole opinion) are disruptive to the community. Where suspensions or permanent bans take place, no partial or full refund will be provided.

3. Premium memberships

  1. As soon as your payment is accepted, service is delivered instantly.
  2. Refunds are not given if you choose to cease use of your account prior to the expiration of your membership upgrade period.

4. System compatibility

  1. We aim to make Fitlads as compatible with as many systems as possible, however, we cannot be held responsible if your system is not compatible with Fitlads.
  2. Fitlads is developed for compatibility with Google Chrome
  3. To enjoy videos on Fitlads, your system will need to be able to play Flash video.

5. Ownership and use of content

  1. You are responsible for the content of your posts, and if you post something illegal or offensive, it is you who is responsible for this. We do not assume copyright or ownership.
  2. We do not assume ownership of videos and pictures you upload. We will not use these without your consent.

6. Other important legal bits

  1. Fitlads and FLO are governed by the laws of Scotland.
  2. By using Fitlads, you indemnify FLO, its owners and staff against any direct or consequential losses relating to your use of Fitlads or use of your account on Fitlads.
  3. Fitlads and the Fitlads logo are registered trademarks, and must not be used without permission.

7. Service availability

  1. Fitlads aims to be always available. However, in the event that this is not possible, we will compensate members whose accounts are upgraded at the time of the service outage:
    1. Outages lasting under four hours: no compensation
    2. Between four and eight hours: one day compensation
    3. Between eight and 24 hours: two days compensation
    4. Over 24 hours: three days compensation for every 24 hours
  2. Compensation days will be applied within 14 days of the end of the incident, and will be applied as extensions to membership.
  3. A service outages are when the Fitlads website is unavailable to the majority of our members, and excludes issues related to your internet connection or your computer or mobile phone.

8. Removing your account

  1. You can remove your account at any time, through the profile settings page.
  2. We retain your pictures and videos for one year. However, your profile will be invisible to other members during this time.
  3. If you wish to reactivate your account, you may do so while we still have your data (one year), but after that time, we will remove your profile data.
  4. Upon removal of your account, we will not remove your forum postings, as to do so would spoil the flow of the forum.
  5. After one year, we will remove all messages sent to or from your account, with the exception of those ‘saved’ by another member, who have received a message from you.

9. Commercial use of Fitlads

  1. You must seek our permission before using Fitlads for commercial purposes.
  2. By default, commercial members have no entitlement to send messages related directly or indirectly to commercial activities to the chat room, forums, or to other members of the website.
  3. Upon request we may grant permission for commercial members to send advertising related messages or make commercial forum posts. However, our consent may have attached conditions, and may be withdrawn at any time.

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